Amoksiklav from sandoz(a Lek Company)

Amoksiklav is an antibiotic for the treatmen of infections.It belongs to a group of antibiotics called beta-lactam antibiotic.
Amoksiklav can treat a wide range of bacterial infections includingg those of the sinuses (sinusitis) ,ears,tonsils(tonsillitis), chest (bronchitis,pneumonia), the bladder or urethra, kidneys, abdomen,skin, teeth and gums.

Amoksiklav is available comes in tablet and powder forms for Intravenous use, oral suspensions and tablets.

Available in both 1.2g and 600mg for intravenous use


Available in 457mg/5ml for oral suspension

Available in 1000mg and 625mg Tablets

Available in 1000mg and 625mg Tablets